Link Dump 2

Hey people, I’ve got more links for you. You’re welcome.

Spanish prostitutes are ordered to wear reflective vests (for their safety).

An Italian teacher is just too attractive.

Some carrots aren’t orange!

Physics class actually does matter!

The Man oppresses kids too.

Medical research has some issues.

Tracy Morgan says things.


Link Dump

I know that only 4-7 people read this blog, but I would like to offer that cherished minority an apology. This blog has been neglected. I didn’t want things to be this way , but because of school and everything that accompanies it, I genuinely do not have the time to update it as frequently as I did over the summer. Nevertheless, I think I have found a way (albeit a lazy one) of simultaneously removing dust while still avoiding applying a full polish. From now on, during the intervals between actual posts, I will periodically provide you with a compilation of interesting links. Here’s the first string of links. Feel free to comment. I’ve read them all.

Poop and urine are our best friends.

Trolls are amoral bastards.

Hackers have a sense of humor.

White Liberals might be self-hating.

Comedians say terrible things.

Sun chip eaters are really sensitive.

If only Tea Party members had played this board game when they were children.

I’m Black. Don’t forget it. Please. If you do, you might allow some racist stuff to go down without being aware.

You’re welcome.