On Drake Jokes

Drake Jokes - Tumblr

Drake Jokes - Tumblr

A few minutes ago, I came across the above compilation of Drake jokes. Admittedly, some of them made me laugh, especially the ones that reference Grand Theft Auto, but after reading through them all, specifically the one that says, “Drake the type of nigga that sucks dick and call the other nigga gay,” it’s pretty clear that few of these jokes are really about Drake.*

These jokes are just a reactionary and [subtly?] homophobic screed against the kind of masculinity that Drake isn’t afraid to endorse.

These are the type of jokes that you’ll hear in a barbershop full of angry guys who are afraid to be nice to people, particularly themselves.

These are the types of jokes that guys tell to assure themselves that the machismo that they strive toward isn’t stupid and destructive.

These are the types of jokes that guys tell each other when their girlfriends leave them for a guy they could probably beat up and don’t understand why the mere ability to physically harm someone probably isn’t enough to keep a relationship intact.

These are the types of jokes that guys tell when they don’t understand why their relationships fail.

These are the types of jokes that force me to have to defend a rapper who I actually dislike.

These are the types of jokes that make me reluctant to answer honestly when I furiously nod my head to Azealia Banks songs on the train and a dude asks me, “What are you
listening to?”

These are the types of jokes that make an often shitty blog seem like a place worth visiting.

These are the types of jokes that lead to you being called “Faggot!” if you don’t laugh at them. 

These are the types of jokes that people shouldn’t feel comfortable telling.

**If you think that these jokes are actually about Drake, try this: replace “Drake” with “Frank Ocean.” The joke doesn’t change at all. That’s my point.


7 thoughts on “On Drake Jokes

  1. None is so blind as he who will not see. Unfortunately the community we are a part of only see one side of manhood that as being aggressive, homophobic, judgmental any other emotion, thoughts or actions are cause for levity, how myopic. When will we finally realize everyone makes the world go around. I am raising all boys, not sure what they will be in the future, but whatever course they decide on I will be there to support them, I will be just as proud of my “gay” son (if I should have one), as the one who marries a beautiful lady and raise a great traditional family, one becomes highly successful and the other is blue collar I guess that is cause to disregard him as a man. We should just strive to make sure our houses are in order before we find fault with others. Again thank you for your insightful look at the world.

  2. You the type of nazi-feminist who has to censor everything, not understanding the basic definition of a “joke” You are an airhead. You further strengthen the stereotype that women are not funny. Oops.

  3. It’s also funny how masculine traits are evil and “destructive”, but feminine ones are apparently the opposite only. Yea, and we all know how most girls find the “good guys” to be super hawt. -_-

  4. You’re gay. And very much a drake fan. U wrot all that to prove that the dude is a fag and u love him for it.

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