Thoughts on College

I was sailing the Big Blue today when I came across this blog post . This post echoes concerns I’ve been hearing a lot recently. Although I think they are completely legitimate, I have something to say about them.

Fundamentally, college isn’t about getting a job. College is about getting an education. Taking courses in various disciplines is supposed to teach you how to think critically in different situations. For example, you would never approach a philosophy paper and a chemistry exam the same way, but if you are a good critical thinker, you should do reasonably well on both despite their differences.

That being said, even though college is essentially about self-enrichment, it is still a heavy investment, so expecting material returns is reasonable. Seeing graduates working at shitty jobs is a bit disconcerting. However, it is important to question why these people are working these bad jobs. If they had the same mentality that you have in which they saw college as “job training,” rather than education, they were probably narrowly focused throughout college, so when they graduated, their skills were really limited. Also, what did these people major in? Sometimes people just make bad decisions. For instance, majoring in military science during times of peace is probably not a good idea. Simplifying why graduates are unemployed is dangerous. Various reasons contribute to why people are unemployed.

Moreover, if all math majors only take math classes for 4 years, they will probably be brilliant mathematicians, but their skills are weakened, possibly even useless if they cannot write coherent papers or comprehend anything other than math. The story of Bill Gates is amazing, but using it to make future decisions is stupid. Yes, he dropped out of college and is super rich, but he’s a fucking genius. He is an exception. For every Bill Gates, there are 40 million Bob Johnson’s that dropped out of college and now manage a KFC (which is okay if they’re happy with it).

If you want to spend less money and jump straight into your career, go to trade school (no offense to my homies in trade school). You’ll get trained and start making money sooner than you would after graduating from college. I’m sorry you were misinformed about college, but that’s not really a good excuse in the age of the internet. Good luck!


One thought on “Thoughts on College

  1. Well, initially you missed the entire point of my blog post. My point is, if college is there to make me a well rounded person why is it so expensive? Why wasn't I forewarned that I would have to struggle financially in order to get a good education? And if college is supposed to help in my growth why not present courses that will do so instead of classes that merely make me regurgitate facts? Growing up I was told repeatedly by not only my parents and TEACHERS that college was essential for me to get a JOB. That is what college is for. A degree is the key to open up the door to my success career wise. And I'm sorry but equating my desire to skip the bullshit classes that teach me nothing that I will need and diving head first into my career to trade school is just wrong. But everyone is entitled to the own opinion. If you feel that the way colleges are structured and the price that they charge people is just fine, thats great for you. As for me? I will continue to rant and rave about it as I continue my journey into "self-enrichment"

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